Smoking Effect on Women

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Women who smoke have increased in the number that before even with all the dangers that medical experts have cited caused by addiction to this habit. Women have got more to loose health wise than men because, apart from suffering from common diseases linked to smoking, there are other specific illnesses that occur only to women.

To start with is the menstruation or menopause. Some reliable knowledge quote smoking as being capable of lowering the levels of estrogen in a woman’s body, which is why they develop normal cycle alterations or unusual bleeding. Also, they say that it is linked to severe problems during menopause or just having it come earlier than it should.

Infertility problems is the effect of cigarette smoking that many of us are aware of and women addicts stand a higher chance of giving birth to premature, low weight babies and reduced chances of conceiving.Women who also use hormonal types of contraceptives and smoke are said to be at higher risks of developing severe risks such as blood clots, heart conditions and stroke.

And is looking youthful when we are actually aged not what many women dream of? The bad news is that cigarette smoking cause premature wrinkling on the skin and the opposite happens.

What is certain and perhaps bound to happen one day in future is the consequences of having to be an addict of cigarette smoking in general.